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December 26 2014

#gabeltaster %a{ :href => "https://github.com/23x/stoll-klangbrett"}
- %span Gabeln Sie auf Github
+ %span Gabeln Sie auf Deppendrehkreuz
Anglizismenreduzierung · a360b82 · 23x/stoll-klangbrett · GitHub

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added: 2014-02-25; size: 33313 bytes
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December 18 2014

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this tall for multithreaded programming
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December 09 2014

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February 26 2014

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February 23 2014

February 13 2014

February 12 2014

February 10 2014

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Wie Deutschland sich beim Internet selbst belügt!
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Explodierende Mailboxen "Stellen Sie das doch endlich ab!"

Was passiert, wenn 2.000 Medienmenschen auf einer Mailingliste mit Fehlfunktion landen? Verstörende Einblicke in die Digitalkompetenz einer Branche.
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February 06 2014

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February 01 2014

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December 15 2013

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December 13 2013

December 10 2013

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December 02 2013

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December 01 2013

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November 27 2013

"all fonts somehow disappeared and it finds fucking wingdings"
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November 25 2013

Ticket: #6157Title:Traffic degradation towards Swisscom AS3303, caused by illicit rate limitingDuration:30.11.12 19:00 - 23.11.13 20:00Severity (1-5):2Status:DoneDescription:

We experience performance degradation of traffic towards Swisscom AS3303. The reason is illicit rate limiting, executed by Swisscom. 

Init7 is trying to minimize customer impact by technical measures and is taking legal action against Swisscom. No ETR at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update, 23. Nov. 2013: Swisscom was ordered by court (Bundesverwaltungsgericht) to re-establish peerings and remove any rate limiters. This has been done, we don't expect any packet loss between AS13030 and AS3303 anymore.

Init7 Network Status
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