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June 22 2017

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I tak dziwnie oddycha się tym tygodniem, zbyt ciężko.
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A strong, independent dog who don’t need no man. (via seattlecitymisfit)

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June 21 2017

Arbol de Piedra, Bolivia.Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Argentina. machu pichuBâlea Lake, Romania.the blue mountains, australiaHaad Salad beach. Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand. St.Georges Hospital, London.Cabo de São Vicente, Portugal.Voje valley, near Stara Fužina, SloveniaLondon
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Beauty and the beast cast → Emma Watson about filming the sequence of “Be our guest”:

In this scene, it was literally me sitting at an empty table seven days just looking at nothing it was the most boring thing I’ve ever had. 

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