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February 23 2017

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July 10 2015

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May 30 2015

April 20 2015

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April 19 2015

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March 29 2015

By combining Haskell + Unicode, you can write perfectly functional programs in Hieroglyphics
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March 27 2015

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February 02 2015

Due to the ever increasing volume of public vulnerability reports, the CVE Editorial Board and MITRE determined that the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) project should change the syntax of its standard vulnerability identifiers so that CVE can track more than 10,000 vulnerabilities in a single year.
CVE - CVE-ID Syntax Change
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January 18 2015

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January 16 2015

Windows Memory Management


by Maven

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Lee Mawdsley

January 09 2015

When I restarted a server and realize a colleague had a batch running for a few hours on it

/* by plum */

January 04 2015

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Reguläre Kraftausdrücke
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January 03 2015

Also neu ist das nicht. Ich hatte das I/O-Board meines ersten MacBook pro so ab 2008 auch halbjährlich im Backrohr. Hab mir damals deshalb extra ein Backrohrtermometer gekauft.
Das MacBook mit dem Backofen reparieren - Apple - derStandard.at › Web
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December 26 2014

#gabeltaster %a{ :href => "https://github.com/23x/stoll-klangbrett"}
- %span Gabeln Sie auf Github
+ %span Gabeln Sie auf Deppendrehkreuz
Anglizismenreduzierung · a360b82 · 23x/stoll-klangbrett · GitHub

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December 18 2014

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this tall for multithreaded programming
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December 09 2014

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February 26 2014

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February 23 2014

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